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Get Moving with GYROKINESIS® Classes at the AHC

The Artists’ Health Alliance  is  pleased to present a series of four weekly one-hour GYROKINESIS®  classes lead by Artists’ Health Centre physiotherapy practitioner Vicki Hawkins from Wednesday May 7th to May 28th in the studio at Toronto Western Hospital.

GYROKINESIS® exercises works to build strength and flexibility by using the full range of our spinal motions, usually while seated on   Continue Reading →

Shiatsu Therapy and More at the AHC

Leisa Bellmore, Shiatsu Therapist at the Artists’ Health Centre, recently collaborated on a research study called Hand self-Shiatsu for sleep problems in persons with chronic pain: A pilot study 

“Shiatsu is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It uses pressure points found along the meridians, and has similarities to acupressure. Shiatsu practitioners apply thumb and finger pressure to   Continue Reading →

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