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The Artists’ Health Alliance (Alliance) exists to bridge the gap between art and health; focusing on the specialized needs of the artistic community and recognizing the unique stresses that their profession can create.

“I’m a professional dancer. And because of that, it’s pretty obvious that my instrument is my body.” – Mike Sobreira – Dancer, Actor

A thriving culture of arts and artists significantly enhances the quality of life and wellbeing for our society. Because of the physical and mental demands of their work and the sometime erratic nature of their income, artists experience unique health issues; issues that are often not met by mainstream healthcare.

“Most of our yearly income is so precarious, that if you’re sick for 3 months and you can’t do work, what are you going to live on?” – R.H. Thomson – Actor

A one of a kind organization in Canada, the Alliance supports professional artists of all disciplines through public workshops, and emerging artists in recognized post-secondary arts institutions through education outreach, delivered on site. We are also able to offer outreach through community fairs, festivals and collaboration opportunities with other like-minded organizations.

“We push the boundaries of what we should do. And because of that, because we’re passionate about what we do, injuries occur.”– Jane Bunnett – Saxophonist, Flautist and Band Leader

Christine Ardagh Education & Outreach Program provides a wonderful opportunity for artists of varying disciplines and backgrounds to come together for healing, and resources to keep them healthy and creating.

On a public artist workshop:

“This was a valuable offering of a breadth of topics – some new, and some excellent reminders for dealing with fatigue.” – Marsha Coffey, Musician, Composer, Producer (2015)

On the Christine Ardagh Education & Outreach Program

For the past decade, the Humber College Theatre Performance program has benefitted greatly from the Artists’ Health Alliance and their phenomenal Education Outreach programs. We have had specialists from the Alliance come in to do subsidized workshops on Vocal Health, Nutrition, and Stress Management to name a few. Our students consistently rave about how informative and useful these workshops are. They are especially enthusiastic about the facilitators, who have a deep understanding of the performer’s craft and a profound knowledge of their particular areas of specialty. In my own experience, the facilitators are able to connect with students in ways that are engaging, entertaining and challenging. They are also very responsive in following up with students when they need more support. Many of our students now use the services of the Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre on a regular basis.

I simply cannot believe that we have such an incredible resource in our city and I encourage every performing arts training institution to take advantage of it.” – Paul de Jong, The School of Creative and Performing Arts, Humber College (2015)


Named in honour of Joysanne Sidimus, the founder of the former Artists’ Health Centre Foundation (now Artists’ Health Alliance), the Joysanne Sidimus Fund is a program that provides financial assistance to artists of limited financial means who require specialized treatments for ailments that hinder their art form.

This invaluable program has funded over 550 artists, providing over $370,000 in financial assistance (through The Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre) since 2004.

With 2015 being a record year in applications, it is increasingly evident that this program is more essential than ever.

Your donation will help to enhance our programs, allow us to continue building new partnerships, expand into more communities and communicate with more artists, and improve accessibility to health and wellbeing programs and resources.

Only through your donations can we continue to manage the Joysanne Sidimus Fund and provide the Christine Ardagh Education & Outreach Program to so many deserving artists in our community.

You can help to provide essential tools and resources to so many passionate artists and enable them to receive the specialized healthcare they deserve, so they can continue to enrich our society.

Your donation can be made online or by phone at 416-351-0239.

Please consider a monthly gift; it is easy to set up and will provide a lasting impact on our artistic community.

On behalf of all the artists who have benefited because of your generosity, thank you. Thank you for helping to keep artists creating art!





Dawn Green
Executive Director
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“The artists are the storytellers. We’re the story keepers. And the stories that a culture tells are in fact its guidebook.”

- R.H. Thomson – Actor

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