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20 Years of Excellence

As you may know, artists bring such joy, richness and meaning to our lives. They’re a community that’s dedicated, hard-working, with little job security and often underpaid. The vast majority of artists work far away from the glamourous red carpet, with a large number earning less than $10,000 per year!

It means that when artists face health challenges, they have few resources.

That’s why the Artists’ Health Alliance is here to help them. For 20 years, we have been assisting artists of all disciplines in accessing care and education that might not otherwise be available to them. We have grown into Canada’s leading advocate for artists’ health, education and research, achieving ground breaking milestones.

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This has all been made possible thanks to the generosity of donors, sponsors and community partners, so that no artist gets left behind.


Breaking New Ground for 2020

The Artists’ Health Alliance is building on its successes to expand into new areas, to help even more artists in more ways. By pursuing exciting opportunities to partner with more members of the healthcare community, researchers, educators and organizations, we are creating a “Community of Excellence” in healthcare for artists.

Over the next three years this program rollout will include:

  • The Artists’ Health Research Community – Develop a network of researchers and professionals who will collaborate to improve our understanding of artists’ health
  • An expansion of educational outreach programs and knowledge – Deliver educational tools and resources that inform general medical practitioners who serve artists
  • Create accessible resources – Curate a collection of online educational resources in varying formats so that artists and those who treat and train them can access quality health information, anytime, anywhere
  • Launch the “Research for Practice” Talk Series – Build on our successful pilot series that points to the importance of an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on research to offer practical applications in the lives of artists and those who treat and train them


Yes, we are busy, ambitious and committed! All of this happens with minimal staff, working on a tight budget supported by dedicated volunteers.
During the first year of this program we must raise $250,000 to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

This is important work, helping people who give so much for so little to make our lives better.

We hope you agree and will consider donating to the Artists’ Health Alliance.

You have the ability to help Canada’s artists stay healthy, so they can continue creating the vibrant cities we live in. 


Your annual, monthly, or securities donation can be made online or by phone at 416-351-0239.
In June 2017 every dollar donated through qualifies us to win $10,000!


For donations by cheque, please mail to:

Artists’ Health Alliance
The Lynda Hamilton Centre
250 The Esplanade, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M5A 1J2

We’re on the cusp of creating ground-breaking programs that will positively impact the health of artists. Please give as generously as possible, today.

If you would like to discuss any number of our exciting initiatives, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.



Dawn Green
Executive Director

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more.
Charitable registration number 88315 0534 RR 0001

Are you interested in learning more about where your donation goes? Click here for our most recent audited financial statement.



“For the past decade, the Humber College Theatre Performance program has benefitted greatly from the Artists’ Health Alliance and their phenomenal Education Outreach programs. We have had specialists from the Alliance come in to do subsidized workshops on Vocal Health, Nutrition, and Stress Management to name a few. Our students consistently rave about how informative and useful these workshops are. They are especially enthusiastic about the facilitators, who have a deep understanding of the performer’s craft and a profound knowledge of their particular areas of specialty. In my own experience, the facilitators are able to connect with students in ways that are engaging, entertaining and challenging. They are also very responsive in following up with students when they need more support.”

- Paul de Jong, Theatre Performance Program

An Artists' Affair Gala

A fundraising gala in support of the Joysanne Sidimus Fund.

Steam Whistle Unsigned

Steam Whistle is an active supporter of independent Canadian musicians.

Our Supporters

Our wonderful and generous community of supporters.

Upcoming Workshops

Yoga & Song

June 10, 2017

This one-of-a-kind workshop, hosted by The Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre, presents yoga as a tool for artists to find freedom of self-expression in both their artistic media and the sweet mundane of everyday existence. Life is noisy these days. With the power of social media, ...

Narrative Competency Psychotherapy

July 26, 2017

Please note: Space is limited. To register, you will need to book an assessment by July 7. More details are on the bottom of the page. The Narrative Group is a creative opportunity for artists who share an interest in writing and the discussion of writing.  Learning how to write your own stories ...