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Named in honour of a founding member and one of the first Administrative Directors, the Christine Ardagh Education and Outreach Program is the umbrella program for all our educational offerings, encompassing four program streams: Artists’ Toolbox, Research for Practice (R4P) Talk Series, Emerging Artists’ Program and Community Connect. We are the only organization in the world that offers health education programs to benefit professional artists of all disciplines and students in post-secondary professional arts training programs. Stay in the loop by signing up for our e-newsletter here.

Artists’ Toolbox

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The Artists’ Toolbox series are open to all artists. They run September – June and include skills-building workshops, exploratory experiences and public discussion. For the first time ever, all Artists’ Toolbox programs will be offered on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.

Our 2017/18 theme is Journeys in Health: A Season of Stories and Wellbeing for Artists. This narrative approach to health education offers artists the freedom to discover, articulate and share the ways that health and wellbeing are interwoven into every aspect of your artistic life. It is an opportunity to focus on health & wellbeing while allowing for the challenges and nuances of an artistic life. Scroll down to explore this year’s program offerings.

“I wanted to say thank you for facilitating this workshop.  It was immensely helpful, partially because I was in a room of other artists with the same sort of goals and similar struggles in their lives, all trying to find a way to overcome and/or manage it.  That in and of itself was a valuable experience: to know we do not struggle alone.” – Multi-disciplinary artist, Stress and the Artist participant

Click here to download the 2017/18 season summary, or see below for upcoming programs.

Research for Practice (R4P) Talk Series


The Research for Practice (R4P) Talk Series presents research from diverse disciplines with links to artists’ health. By drawing on multiple perspectives, the series offers artists, as well as those who treat and train them, insight into the forces which shape their health and wellbeing. The emphasis lies on practical applications of research, bridging the gap between what researchers discover and how artists work. Details on this year’s Talks will be posted below as details become available.

 “The Talk was extremely informative and I will be sure to implement what I learned in my practice and performance as a novice rower and musician.” – Sports Psychology Researcher, Stress, Coping, and Support: Psychosocial Considerations for Peak Performance participant

Click here to download the 2017/18 Season Summary or see below for upcoming programs.

Emerging Artists’ Program

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Through the Emerging Artists’ Program, the Alliance engages post-secondary students in professional arts training programs to be proactive about their health. We offer workshops to classrooms, departments and faculties at tertiary educational institutions. Providing these tools and resources at an early stage is critical to the long-term health and wellbeing of artists. By enabling healthy and sustainable arts careers, we ensure the future of arts in Canada and the vibrancy of the societies we live in.

“This was a great workshop that made me reconsider actually trying to manage my stress levels.” – Student, Ryerson University Performance Production, Shiatsu Therapy workshop participant

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Community Connect

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Our community outreach activities include tabling at events, information- sharing with other art service organizations and delivering private workshops on request.

“Artists’ Health Alliance was instrumental in our ability to deliver a workshop about ‘Self Care’ for undeserved youth artists who are building their arts practices and arts businesses. Their staff and workshop facilitator were wonderful to work with, and the workshop itself was informative, accessible—  truly interesting and meaningful for the young artists who participated. Thank you, Artists’ Health Alliance!”  Rebecca Harrison, Project Coordinator, Arts Lab

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