The Christine Ardagh Education and Outreach Program presents ongoing workshops, clinics, and community presentations to support the health and wellbeing of professional artists and students in post-secondary professional training programs.

The Research to Practice (R2P) Talk Series is a pilot program which investigates the mental and physical health of artists as well as performance science, the study of how to train and prepare for greater excellence and injury prevention. Talks draw on research to make practical applications in the lives of artists as well as those who train and treat them. Musculoskeletal issues, psychology and mental wellbeing, ergonomics, instructional theory, neuroscience and the pragmatics of sustaining an artist’s career are all on the table.

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Narrative Competency Psychotherapy

July 26, 2017

Please note: Space is limited. To register, you will need to book an assessment by July 7. More details are on the bottom of the page. The Narrative Group is a creative opportunity for artists who share an interest in ...



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