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Emerging Artists’ Program & Community Connect

Emerging Artists’ Program

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Through the Emerging Artists’ Program, the Alliance engages post-secondary students in professional arts training programs to be proactive about their health. We offer workshops to classrooms, departments and faculties at tertiary educational institutions.

We have delivered workshops to School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Humber College Theatre Performance Program, York University Dance, Randolph Academy, OCAD U Material & Art Design and Ryerson University School of Performance, among others.

Community Connect

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Our community outreach activities include tabling at events, information- sharing with other art service organizations and delivering private workshops on request.

Previous partners include the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), Arts Lab Toronto, Dancer Transition Resource Centre, Ontario College of Art and Design University Health and Wellness Centre, Summer Institute of Church Music, Soundstreams and Toronto Fringe Festival Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Network & Training (TENT), among other organizations.



In 2017/18, the workshops offered through our Emerging Artists’ Program and Community Connect focus on our most in-demand topic: stress. We approach stress as a mental and physical health topic, as well as an expected, and even necessary, part of life. Workshops, facilitated by experts from The Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre, empower students with the knowledge and tools necessary to study and practice their art while having a healthy relationship with stress.

We believe that providing these tools and resources is critical to the long-term health and wellbeing of artists. Our goal is to enable all artists to have a long and healthy career in the arts, in turn creating the vibrant cities we live in.

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Click here to download a workshop request form. Fill it in and send it to admin[at]artistshealth.com. You can also fill out an electronic version below.



Emerging Artists’ Program

“This workshop really opened my eyes to the different ways stress can affect me. I learned so many ways to help myself.” -Anonymous

“This was a great workshop that made me reconsider actually trying to manage my stress levels.” Student, Ryerson University Performance Production, Shiatsu Therapy workshop participant

I feel I can continue creating, this time with a greater knowledge of self, voice and place.Student, Ryerson University Performance Production, Shiatsu Therapy workshop participant

For the past decade, the Humber College Theatre Performance program has benefited greatly from the Artists’ Health Alliance and their phenomenal Education Outreach programs. We have had specialists from the Alliance come in to do subsidized workshops on Vocal Health, Nutrition, and Stress Management to name a few. Our students consistently rave about how informative and useful these workshops are. They are especially enthusiastic about the facilitators, who have a deep understanding of the performer’s craft and a profound knowledge of their particular areas of specialty. In my own experience, the facilitators are able to connect with students in ways that are engaging, entertaining and challenging. They are also very responsive in following up with students when they need more support. Many of our students now use the services of The Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre on a regular basis. I simply cannot believe that we have such an incredible resource in our city and I encourage every performing arts training institution to take advantage of it.” – Paul de Jong, The School of Creative and Performing Arts, Humber College

Community Connect

Since my initial encounter with the Artists’ Health Alliance, I have taken advantage of their extraordinary series of workshops for artists – to not only deal with work-related injury and chronic problems, but to help prevent such injuries! I feel that adding more options to dealing with my lower back problems have been extremely beneficial to my personal long-term health and, consequently, to increasing the longevity of my career.” – Anonymous

“Artists’ Health Alliance was instrumental in our ability to deliver a workshop about ‘Self Care’ for undeserved youth artists who are building their arts practices and arts businesses. Their staff and workshop facilitator were wonderful to work with, and the workshop itself was informative, accessible—  truly interesting and meaningful for the young artists who participated. Thank you, Artists’ Health Alliance!”  Rebecca Harrison, Project Coordinator, Arts Lab

To request a workshop through our Emerging Artists’ Program or Community Connect, please fill in the form below.


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“It’s of the essence, it’s our heartbeat, it’s our soul, it’s the light in our eyes.”

- Veronica Tennant – Prima Ballerina, Producer, Director

Upcoming Workshops

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April 18, 2018

Dr. Ashley Stirling and Dr. Beth McCharles team up to deliver this double bill on the delicate task of training young performers to fulfill their potential. Join us for two presentations and a Q&A. Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones and Words Can Really Hurt Me: Abusive Coaching in Sport and ...