Artists’ Health 101 Revisited: Lessons from Arts and Sports Medicine

October 17, 2017

Canada's National Ballet School, Studio 5A, 400 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G6

This event is part of our Research for Practice (R4P) Talk Series

Hosted by Canada’s National Ballet School.

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It is common knowledge that exercise, healthy diet and mental activity are good for one’s health, but there are many conflicting messages about what, specifically, a person should do about it. How much exercise is ideal, what type and at what intensity? What is the difference between a healthy and a fad diet? What mental activities can stave off the effects of aging?

These questions are further complicated for artists, whose professional lives can involve rigorous physical demands, unpredictable schedules and insufficient health support.

Drawing on decades of expertise in arts and sports medicine, Dr. Darrell J. Ogilvie-Harris distills the essentials of healthy living and recommends how artists can put this knowledge into action.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about exercise, diet and mental activity as key to an artist’s healthy lifestyle
  • Discover various forms of exercise and their implication for health
  • Distinguish between healthy and faddish diets



Dr. Darrell J. Ogilvie-Harris has been a staff orthopedic surgeon at Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) since 1982, where he was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery for 10 years. He has looked after the National Ballet of Canada for the past 20 years as the Company Surgeon and sits on the Artists’ Health Alliance Board of Directors.

Dr. Ogilvie-Harris’ interest in sports medicine led to a 15-year appointment as Team Physician for Toronto Maple Leafs. He co-founded, along with Dr. Michael Clarfield, the Sports Medicine Specialists, a widely-recognized centre of excellence for sports-related diagnosis and treatment. He is Program Director of the University of Toronto Sports Medicine Program (UTOSM) based at Women’s College Hospital. Dr. Ogilvie-Harris spearheaded a fundraising campaign to raise $1,000,000 for the Smith and Nephew Chair of Orthopedic Research at TWH, which has since become a University Chair with a value of over $2,000,000. In 2012 and 2013, he was an active member of University Health Network’s The Campaign to Cure Arthritis, which raised $35,000,000.

Dr. Ogilvie-Harris has treated and advised many of Canada’s professional and Olympic athletes as well as ordinary citizens. He focuses on preventative programs for and rehabilitation of sports injuries, with particular expertise in arthroscopy and arthroscopic reconstruction. Dr. Ogilvie-Harris was a pioneer of the use of arthroscopy for smaller joints such as the ankle, elbow and shoulder. His current research projects focus on cartilage regeneration.

Dr. Ogilvie-Harris has published over 100 scientific research papers, plus many book chapters. He has lectured widely in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.


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Dr. D.J. Ogilvie-Harris, B.Sc.Hons., M.B.Ch.B., Hons, M.Sc. Med Sci., F.R.C.S.




Canada's National Ballet School, Studio 5A, 400 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G6




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“There was a period where I hit the wall, and I stopped playing for about a year.”

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