Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

April 10, 2018

The Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre

Mindfulness is a non-judgmental way of paying attention in the present moment. This helps us to relate differently to such conditions as Depression and Anxiety, opening us up to possibilities for change and reducing our reactivity.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a treatment for Depression and Anxiety that examines the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. CBT identifies thoughts as thoughts (rather than the facts we believe them to be) and challenges them, opening us to more constructive beliefs, leading to changes in moods and behaviours.


Why join an MBCT program?

  • MBCT is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety and was designed to prevent depressive relapses
  • MBCT can change our relationship to suffering
  • MBCT helps to develop skills and teaches what to do when low moods and anxiety arise.
  • MBCT helps with staying present, and appreciating the small things in life.


Acknowledgement to The Centre for Mindfulness Studies: www.mindfulnessstudies.com


April 10                   (Orientation and Interview)

April 17                   (Session 1)

April 24                  (Session 2)

May 1                      (Session 3)

May 8                     (Session 4)

May 15                    (Session 5)

May 22                   (Session 6)

May 29                   (Session 7)

June 5                     (Session 8)


Shawna Perlin, MD & Allison McLay, RP


9:30 AM - 12:00 PM


The Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre


Subsidized cost: $170 | $100.00 will be refunded to participants that attend all sessions


To register call Artists' Health Centre at 416-603-5800, ext. 5887

“I’ve seen shows where there are buckets in the wings, and people give a speech, they go to the wings, they vomit and they come back.”

- ​R.H. Thomson - Actor