Meet the Team

Julie Dawn Smith
Executive Director

While studying music performance and working as a free-lance musician, Executive Director Julie Dawn Smith developed a painful and debilitating condition that ultimately put a stop to her playing career. Had the Artists’ Health Alliance existed at that time, not only would she have benefited greatly from the resources, knowledge, and guidance the AHA offers, she would have had the information and tools needed to heal and continue with her performance career.

Since that time Julie’s focus has been to facilitate and advocate for the careers of other artists through arts programming, arts education, and academic writing. She is the former executive director of Coastal Jazz and the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the Jazz Institute of Chicago and the Guelph Jazz Festival. She has developed many outreach, education and arts programs throughout her career and has published articles in the areas of gender, improvisation, and cultural studies. She has studied classical music, jazz performance, experimental and electronic composition, South Asian music, and interdisciplinary fine arts. Julie holds an honours B.A. in music from York University, a diploma in jazz studies from Humber College, an M.A. in interdisciplinary arts from Chicago's Columbia College, and a PhD in interdisciplinary studies from the University of British Columbia.

Netta Kornberg
Program & Education Manager

Netta Kornberg is a published researcher and organizer who works at the intersection of adult education, population health and the arts. As the Program & Education Manager at Artists’ Health Alliance, she designs health education, financial assistance and community-building programs.

Netta worked at York University Faculty of Education, South African History Online and People’s Health Movement South Africa. She volunteered in community radio where she learned to pay attention to sound; at an overnight shelter where she learned chess; and with palliative patients where she learned to listen. She is involved with a grassroots neighborhood group which self-advocates in the face of gentrification, poverty and food insecurity.

Netta holds an MPhil. at the University of Cambridge. Her research on Namibian women’s literature has been published in Writing Namibia: Literature in Transition (UNAM Press: 2018) and presented in South Africa. She has also published articles on Africa is a Country, book reviews in Publisher’s Weekly, a professional inquiry guide for teachers and commissioned reports.

Always learning, Netta completed safeTALK Suicide Alertness and trains as an amateur boxer.

Board of

Helena Pagano, Interim Chair

John Hudecki, Vice-Chair

Jill Humphries, Secretary

John Moody, Treasurer

Dr. Lee Bartel

Christy DiFelice

Leslie Dolman

Pat Dumas-Hudecki

Jeanne Jabanoski

Jan Lackstrom

Dr. Darrell Ogilvie-Harris

Liz Pounsett

Tracy Ross


Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Co-Chair

John Hudecki, Co-Chair

Advisory Council

Christine Ardagh

David Banks

Lyne Bond

Clive Chamberlain

Michael Du Maresq

Phil Ellison

Lynda Hamilton

Tennys Hanson

Jeanne Jabanoski

Merrijoy Kelner

Linda MacKenzie

Elise Orenstein

Pauline Pariser

Laura Quinn

Paula Ravitz

Kathy Sabo

Graham Savage

Joysanne Sidimus

Eileen Smith

Beverley Spotton

Camille Watts

Beverly Wellman

Lynne Wilson

Catherine Zahn

In Memoriam

Malka Green

Upcoming Workshops

STRESSED! Workshop Series

May 02, 2019

Stress is a tricky part of life. Too much of it, and you’re a blob on the floor. Too little of it, and you’re a blob on the floor. For artists, stress comes not only from the normal pressures of life, but also from the precarious nature of the arts sector which usually means too little time, ...

CONNECT! Whole Self Healing

October 03, 2018

What’s this got to do with stress? Because artists bring their whole selves to their work, artists’ health demands that we pay attention to the whole artist. That sprained wrist and that nagging pit of dread in the belly are likely connected, not to mention our shoulder pain and fear ...

STEP ONE! Primary Care

November 07, 2018

What’s this got to do with stress? Primary healthcare providers, such as family doctors and nurse practitioners, are the starting point to accessing healthcare services in Ontario. They can treat many health conditions (including stress-related ones) and can lessen the stress that often comes ...