Clinical Nutrition

What can a registered dietitian do for me?
Dietitians are highly qualified professionals educated in science, management, human development, and health of populations. As trusted professionals, dietitians fill many roles, depending on where they work.

Many different kinds of people seek guidance from a registered dietitian for many reasons. Some individuals are concerned with wellness, disease prevention, athletic performance enhancement, or feeding concerns with children, while others are trying to manage their medical conditions or struggle with food and meal planning on a budget. Because it can be difficult to figure out which foods make up a healthy diet, registered dietitians are available to help you create a plan that meets your individual health needs and goals.

What the dietitian will do

Work individually with you to assess your nutrition needs (review your medical and diet history, blood tests, weight and weight trends, along with other physical measurements)

Education about evidenced-based nutrition; to separate factual info from “urban legends and myth”

Help you establish realistic goals, short term and long term

Help you identify triggers for negative eating patterns; work on behavioral change to remedy these patterns

Address emotionally-driven eating patterns and habits

Work on negative food/eating and body image relationships

Provide ongoing encouragement and support in 30 minute sessions until your goals are met (three or more visits are recommended for best results)

Equip you with techniques to stay on track with your nutrition plan

Create an individualized meal pattern or design a personalized meal plan for you

We see a variety of clients struggling with ongoing chronic or newly diagnosed conditions such as:

Type 2 Diabetes

Obesity or weight management

High cholesterol

Heart Disease

Digestive Issues including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel conditions

Disordered eating patterns

Allergies and food intolerances

Nutrition for performance

Prenatal nutrition

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