Interactive Relational Psychotherapy Group

Group psychotherapy has many benefits. It can help you to realize you are not alone. It allows you to give and receive support. It can help you to find your own “voice” and can help you to relate to yourself and others in healthier ways. The Interactive Relational Psychotherapy Group is an opportunity to be in a group with fellow artists to address and modify difficulties in regulating emotions, self-esteem, relationships, and self-care.

The next series will take place Tuesdays, 1:30 – 3:30, February 27 – May 15

Cost:  $300.00 for the 12-week program (only $25/session)

Subsidized Cost: $75 (the other $225 can be covered by the Joysanne Sidimus Fund)

Cancellation:  Requests for registration reimbursement are not accepted after the first session.

To learn more and/or to book a free consultation with Susan Lucas, please contact AHC coordinator Matt Eldridge at 416-603-5263.

Upcoming Workshops

STRESSED! Workshop Series

May 02, 2019

Stress is a tricky part of life. Too much of it, and you’re a blob on the floor. Too little of it, and you’re a blob on the floor. For artists, stress comes not only from the normal pressures of life, but also from the precarious nature of the arts sector which usually means too little time, ...

CONNECT! Whole Self Healing

October 03, 2018

What’s this got to do with stress? Because artists bring their whole selves to their work, artists’ health demands that we pay attention to the whole artist. That sprained wrist and that nagging pit of dread in the belly are likely connected, not to mention our shoulder pain and fear ...

STEP ONE! Primary Care

November 07, 2018

What’s this got to do with stress? Primary healthcare providers, such as family doctors and nurse practitioners, are the starting point to accessing healthcare services in Ontario. They can treat many health conditions (including stress-related ones) and can lessen the stress that often comes ...